Our training courses are made by technicians, some of which have over 12 years of experience in the field of windows and doors. Our specialists customize the program of the training on your products and on your needs.

The training courses can be made in our offices around the world or in the customer's company or via Skype.

There is no limit to the number of people who can attend the course.


Archimede technicians are at your disposal to ensure continuity to your work.

You can ask for support in just three clicks and the request is sent directly to Archimede support service, which will contact you as soon as possible. Archimede technicians use innovative technologies that allow them to access your computer when you need it, as if they were sitting next to you. The support service is valid for one year and can be renewed from year to year.

Download Archimede Assistance


Archimede, the software for windows and doors, is constantly evolving in order to allow you to be always the first in the world to be able to use innovative functions which make the difference. With the update service you can download all Archimede's available updates, whenever you want, to take full advantage of new features. The update service is valid for one year and can be renewed from year to year.

Production of projects on machinery

Based on the products that are inserted in the database, the Archimede technician can actually produce some projects directly on the machine. Projects can be produced on-site at the CNC machine manufacturer in order to certify that everything is perfect and ready to be installed in your company.

Moreover, if the CNC machine is already in your company, our technicians can come to your company to produce projects of windows and doors directly in your company.

Data Entry

Our specialists with over 12 years experience in the window and door industry set all the parameters and variables to manage your CNC machines automatically. Tool data are collected, information for the hardware and your products (window, door, sliding door, shutter, pivot, boxsash, etc ...) are inserted in Archimede. Thanks to the data entry each of your products can now be produced automatically.