Archimede is specialist software dedicated to window and door joinery

It is the first and only software which has integrated complete and innovative CRM/CAD/CAM/ERP functionality in order to embrace all of your joinery needs and to work alongside you today and in the future. Archimede is the result of over 18 years of experience, continuous investment and field trials. If you are looking for the most advanced software for window and door joinery in the world ... Welcome to the wonderful world of Archimede. New 2020 - plugin to design and produce cabinets [find out more]


It simplifies and speeds up work, reduces costs and improves efficiency of the joinery


For joineries of any size, for all types of machinery and materials


4 modules for managing sales, design, production and resources of your joinery

Why is Archimede è the best solution for your joinery?

Archimede is the only software for windows and doors which carefully satisfies all joinery departments.
Archimede allows you to customise which modules you need and adapts perfectly to your joinery business.
The growth of your joinery business will always be supported by the innovative features of Archimede.
Management of CNC machines
Archimede has directly exported the files for each type of machine for over 20 years.
You can insert, modify, copy products, prints, workings without having to use Kosmosoft services.
Multi-regional designs
You can design and produce specific types of windows and doors for any country in the world.
All materials
You can seamlessly design and produce windows and doors in wood, wood-alu, PVC and aluminum.
Day to day work
With Archimede, you choose the project from the library, you decide size, number of sashes and opening... STOP! Everything else is automatic.
User-friendly ultra-modern interface, the result of research to ensure immediate and intuitive use.
Continuous innovation
Measurements from photographs, advanced 3D views, applications for smartphones. The result of continuous investment to stay ahead of the competition and look to the future.
Specialized Support
Our technicians have been window and door industry specialists for more than 20 years. Technicians who only deal windows and doors, constantly given the latest training.
External software
Archimede is developed with an SQL database to allow outside software to exchange data easily.